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Frequently asked questions


1. Does the training course only takes place at the company?

Training in all five fields of specialisation is organised as a so-called dual system which means company and a college course share the joint task to qualify the trainees.


2. Is FAMI a qualified profession?

According to the German Vocational Training Act Fachangestellter für Medien- und Informationsdienste or Specialist in Media and Information Services is a qualified profession.


3. Where are the colleges located?

Greifswald, Waren, Potsdam, Essen, Trier, Bremerhaven, Leipzig, Calw, Köln, Dortmund, Hannover, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, München, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Sondershausen


4. How long is the training course?

The training lasts three years.

With good achievements during the training and good GCSE results it is possible in consultation with the employer to shorten the course for half a year. It is even possible to shorten the training period by one year if you have A-levels as well as excellent achievements on your course.


5. What specialisations are there?

There are specialisations in the field of archive, library, information and documentation, medical documentation and photography agency.


6. Where can FAMIs work?

FAMIs can work in media and press archives, broadcast and television, municipal archives and public record offices, public and academic libraries, company libraries, information and documentation centers, science information centers and other providers of databases, photography agencies and services, museums, hospitals.


7. What are the main tasks of a FAMI?

The main tasks a FAMI has to fulfil include acquisition, indexing, exchange and provision of media, information and data as well as giving advice and support for customers and users.


8. Does the salary change for the duration of training?



Newly-formed German states (per month)

1st year:   € 571

2nd year:  € 616

3rd year:   € 658


Old West German states (per month)

1st year:   € 617

2nd year:  € 666

3rd year:   € 711


9. After finishing the training course is it possible to work in all of the specialisations?

Yes, it’s possible to work in all five specialisations afterwards.


10. What conditions are necessary?

There is no certain school-leaving qualifications prescribed but a good CSE is urgently advised.

You should be sociable and you should have good customer care skills. Furthermore you should be able to work organised and in teams.


11. Is there a practical and theoretical test?

1 ½ years after beginning the training course every participant has to pass a written midterm exam.

At the end of the third year of the training course there is a written final as well as an oral exam. There is no practical exam existing at the moment.


12. Does something like FAMI exist in other countries?

In Austria and Switzerland the FAMI profession exists since 1998. It was introduced consistently.

In England/UK it only exists a course at universities. You need a degree in library science to work in a library or an archive.




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